Don’t wait to get ready for hurricane season

by VisualScape

Posted on January 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Some people are more proactive than others, but it’s always better to get ready for hurricane season before the storm than during.

Hurricane season starts every year on June 1st. It is impossible to know beforehand the amount of damage that will be caused by the storm but there are a number of measures that home and property owners can take to minimize the risk of greater damages. Here are some landscaping tips to better prepare your property for potential hurricanes:

1- If you live in a coastal region, choose plants for your yard that can handle salt on their stems, leaves and roots. Waves will throw tiny droplets of salty water into the air when waves break on the beach.

2 - Proper pruning is a great way to prevent property damage. Trimming dead, damaged or diseased tree limbs and those that are too close to your home/property or near power lines is greatly suggested.

3 - Plant the right trees in the right location. Seems like a no-brainer but some trees are more prone to storm than others. Shallow-rooted trees in soft soil can mean big trouble for you during a hurricane.

4 - Replace rock or pea gravel in your yard with softer mulch. During high winds, small rocks can become projectiles, often breaking windows or damaging other parts of the house.

5 - Remove any potential hazards. Toys, potted plants, lawn furniture, etc are potential projectiles or wind hazards during hurricanes. Also run a check of the yard to determine whether any debris in your swales or drainage systems might prevent water from flowing away from your property.

But there are also important steps for AFTER the storm:
1- Don’t top your trees
2 - Don’t try to do it all yourself. Help is always welcome.
3- Remove broken branches still attached to the tree.
4 - Repair torn bark.
5 - Don’t over prune.
6 - Take safety precautions. A new storm may be on its way.

And we know that sometimes things don’t go as planned and you have an emergency. In the event of catastrophic events, VisualScape will have trucks, loaders, wood chippers, hand tools, trailers and all necessary equipment to perform job operations at the client’s request.

Stay safe!

Whatever You Do Give Your Best!

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