Taking Care of Your Lawn

by VisualScape

Posted on January 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM

How do you keep your landscape healthy, clean and attractive? Getting your lawn done and looking pretty, making your neighbor jealous, get your business a photo-worthy landscape, are the easy parts of the whole process.

In order to keep that fresh look and the “wow” factor, the ground where the landscaping was done will require special attention. Design Integrity and Project Continuity are things that VisualScape does really well. We will sit with you and assess the condition of your lawn and decide how often services should be performed. Irrigation, hardscape, landscape, tree relocations, mitigation services, grading and site work are just a few examples of what we do when it comes to landscape maintenance. We will analyze the soil, check if it’s well nourished, check plants for insects and diseases, and more. We will do the hard work for you.

Many contractors profit by keeping the customers in the dark about the services they provide. We do the opposite, by working alongside our customers so they can be an important part of the process. VisualScape prides itself to build transparent, collaborative relationships. Always.

VisualScape will always keep your flowers and trees healthy and attractive and find ways to enhance your landscape. Contact us today to get an estimate tailored to your property and to your budget.

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